Simultaneous translation systems
Simultaneous translation systems are essential for the need for participants to express themselves in their own language. The equipment used at present is the digital infrared system, which provides excellent coverage, security, confidentiality and ease of work.
Translation equipment

• ISO standard cabins (one for each required language) in which for each language in greater isolation to develop their job performers are located.

• We help with a monitor where they can view PowerPoint presentations or follow the event through closed circuit cameras.

• Infrared radiators scattered around the room give coverage to listeners to capture the signal with the language chosen at the receiver for each participant.

• There are a number of small receivers with language channel selectors, volume and headphones that are delivered to each participant in the meeting.

• The benefits of this system are the key to rapid communication of the objectives of a proposal, facilitating dialogue with audiences in other languages ​​or countries.

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