• We conducted several studies on where we will develop the event. Sometimes we find ourselves in places that for various reasons either for inappropriate materials for sound or the same shape of the room has difficulty hearing.
• The technology allows us to work more efficiently every day, fast and secure way, achieving results in full compliance with the audience. Our sound systems always retain clarity in word and music that is playing.
Sound equipments
• Tables digitales.Micrófonos analog sound and wireless handheld,flaps and diadems, SENHHEISER
• Microphones roundtables with BOSCH WORD request.
• Gooseneck microphones lectern or table for presidency.
• Video and audio CD formats, MP3, USB Player
• Speakers for conferences minimal visual impact and excellent performance.
•Sound systems for events with special requirements of sound pressure and excellent distribution.
• Line Array systems for concerts or shows.
• Audio Distribution Rack to press.
• Pioneer Dj Equipment & Native Instrument professionals.
• MOBILE DJ booths.

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